Close Quarters Combat (C.Q.C.)

Pure hardcore tactical shooting. Compete in a variety of fast-paced and brutal game modes that put strategy and teamwork to the test.


In Deathmatch, two teams of either 8 or 12 players compete to obtain a target number of kills. Respawning in this mode is unlimited, and up to 32 players can connect to a match at any given time.


In Explosives, a team of Attackers attempt to plant and detonate a bomb in a designated area while a team of Defenders try to stop said bomb from going off. The bomb is armed/defused by holding the ‘F’ key, and each match lasts for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. In this mode, you do not respawn in each match once killed.

Free For All

In Free For All it’s every player for themselves as everyone competes to obtain a certain number of kills to win. Depending on the number of available players, small or medium map sizes are selected for each match.

Hero Mode

At the game start in Hero Mode, a random member of each team is selected to be the ‘Hero’. The Hero player has a large health pool, set weapons, and special abilities based on their chosen class (triggered by pressing ‘F’ - see below); upon Hero death, a new Hero on the team will be chosen. Play with up to 16 players, and achieve a set number of kills to win.

Class Special Abilities
Engineer: Double damage and unlimited stamina for 6 seconds.
Medic: Instantly heal self and the entire team.
Sniper: Display enemy positions for 6 seconds.
Assault: All shots have the ‘shrapnel’ effect for 6 seconds.
Heavy Trooper: Receive 70% less damage for 6 seconds.


Annihilation Mode is hardcore team deathmatch with no respawning. Eliminate all members of the enemy team to win a match. Victory is determined over a set number of matches, and halfway through team map spawn positions are switched. If matches go into ‘overtime’, all remaining player positions are made visible.

Special (Foggy) Mode

Special/Foggy Mode pits a team of standard soldiers against a team of modified ‘zombie’ soldiers. Standard soldiers are impeded by heavy fog, and must either reach objective points or eliminate all members of the enemy team. The zombie team is not affected by the fog, and must eliminate all the standard soldiers before they can complete their objectives.